The Team

Our team's story started in 2020 with a university project. We came up  with an idea that could solve one of the most pressing problems of the  industry - we found a way to fully automate manual scraping. The  potential of this solution caught the attention of some of the region's most  prominent investors, and the company's dynamic growth quickly began.
In 2022, following the validation of the technology, pilot projects were  launched, and from 2023, development continues with the involvement of  industrial partners. R&D is an infinite process for us because our aim is to  fully satisfy our customers' needs, so if none of our currently available  products meet your needs, contact us and we will find a solution!

Our Goal

Scraping is an art in its own right, which can only be done well by those  who respect and appreciate the process. Our original aim was to ensure  the survival of this over 200 years old tradition, but research and  development in recent years has enabled us to go beyond the limits of  scraping as we know today, and work on materials and surfaces the  treatment of which would not be possible by hand. The process can  significantly increase the accuracy and useful life of machines, and we are  committed to making it available to all machine manufacturers,  maintenance, and refurbishing companies.