Hand Scraping

Hand scraping is a manual chip removal technique where the size of the chips removed is only a few microns. It is extremely time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill and practice on the part of the skilled worker. It is the machining technique of plain bearings, machine tool beds, and dividing planes among others.


Scraping With Fiber Laser

Our software enables automated machine scraping in a unique way. It designs the most ideal pattern for a given part after scanning the surface, then generates a customized program that is run by fiber laser machines to remove material the same way as in case of hand scraping. This allows us to produce surfaces with an accuracy of up to 1µ with an efficiency previously thought impossible.

Transition To Our Technology

Ease of changeover and ease of use have always been key considerations. Our software is compatible with most fiber laser machines and can be up and running in just 2 days. We help through the whole process and can arrange the full set-up if required.