Hand scraping is a manual process used in manufacturing and repairing machine tools for truing and texturing mated surfaces. Truing the surface provides stability and accuracy, while, if created properly, the texture creates oil pockets ensuring oil retention and continuous lubrication. 

Due to increasing demand and a growing shortage of skilled workers, several alternatives have been developed to replace this labor-intensive and expensive process, but these were only partially successful. Where they were viable, there were trade-offs in precision and machine life, and where scraping could not be replaced, low productivity and an increasing shortage of scrapers led to increasing delays and losses.

That's why we have developed a technology that allows us to create surfaces with the same properties as scraping, without any compromise. After scanning the surface, our software determines from where and how much material has to be removed, and then controls the laser to perform the removal. This produces a surface rivaling the most outstanding Japanese craftsmen, with the efficiency of a machine.